Skye Michiels

Igniting sparks. Empowering leaders. Cultivating kindness.

Meet Skye

Skye Michiels wakes up every morning practicing healthy-selfish habits and happiness.

He is a dad, award-winning real estate leader, coach, and motivational speaker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He brings a human approach to everything he does. 

An expert with over 20 years in real estate, and former Head Of Coaching At Compass, Skye made the decision to take his expertise to the next level, launching With Heart Coaching. He is on a mission to mentor entrepreneurs, guiding them to excel in their businesses and personal lives with genuine care and leadership.

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Progress over perfection.

We’re taught to hustle harder, fit the mold, and avoid emotions in order to succeed with the best of them and find true fulfillment in this world. But the recipe for success and fulfillment is actually the total opposite.

Skye provides a framework to help you unlock massive happiness and success by shedding the drive for perfection and embracing a process mentality, by leading with kindness and creating healthy-selfish habits.

skye podcast

Become 1% better every day.

The 6AMERS Podcast

Founded by Skye Michiels, The 6AMERS is a community dedicated to helping each other achieve both professional and personal goals by starting with a positive mindset and practicing healthy-selfish habits every day.

Now, in a new podcast, we’re bringing the 6AMERS to you—at whatever time you want to listen!

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Kind Words from Kind People

Thoughts from Skye's community

Leading the industry with heart.

Skye is a valued leader in the real estate industry, and he sets a strong example for what matters most: community, relationships, growth, and positivity. He has excelled through his work ethic, communication, humility, compassion, and culture-building skills. I am grateful to Skye for creating empathetic, educational and entertaining content for the real estate industry. For all that he has accomplished, it is evident it is only the beginning of his impact with heart.
Jay D.

Motivating agents nationally.

I joined [The 6AMERS] as soon as I joined Compass last January. I had my most successful year in real estate, and I attribute a great deal of my success this year to waking up with Skye and this group at 6am.
Kate B.

Igniting positivity and progress.

I am so grateful for Skye! He helped me cement my business plan and gave me a game-changing piece of wisdom: “Keep it up, and every single day have faith that your actions and your mindset will produce results.” That shift to optimism changed so much for me, and now I have business, leads, and referrals up to my ears. People can sense my confidence and joy. It’s all happening. Skye is a shining beacon of positivity and a real gift.

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