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About Skye

Striving to create a world where love and kindness are the sources of strength and power

My Story

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Fueled by a deep love for education, I began my career as a high school history teacher, where I honed my listening skills and patience. Quickly realizing the need for a side hustle, however, I turned to real estate to make some extra cash. It soon became a real passion, one that I realized had a big impact:

Real estate is more about connecting and taking care of people than it is about selling houses. 

I soon left teaching to be a Realtor full-time, and over the last 20+ years, I’ve developed a career dedicated to building community and leading with kindness.

In March of 2020, after the start of the pandemic and the end of my marriage, I realized my own need for more inspiration and balance—and recognized that same need within the broader real estate community. So I started The 6AMERS, a motivation and accountability group for entrepreneurs and professionals to help each other identify their passions and learn frameworks to foster healthy mindsets and unlock their greatest potential. 

My mission is to help entrepreneurs feel inspired to reach their full potential and find happiness.

Beyond motivational speaking and work as the former Head Of Coaching at Compass, through my company, With Heart Coaching, I help entrepreneurs across the country grow their teams, their business, and themselves—with heart.

When I’m not traveling the country inspiring others, you can find me golfing, biking, cooking, and hanging out with my kids and our pug, Pickles.

The Big Moments

Born in Poughkeepsie, New York

I had a single mom who worked two jobs to make ends meet, but she didn’t let her financial struggles dictate our day-to-day outlook. She was my early model for practicing happiness instead of chasing it.


Became a paperboy at age 12

The first job I had and where I first learned about creating connection to build relationships and deliver great service.


Joined Division 1 crew team for Syracuse University

As a D1 athlete, I learned the value of commitment, discipline, and a positive mindset when working toward a goal—values that ultimately led me to create The 6AMERS years after my college days.


Earned B.S. in history and M.S. in education from Syracuse University

1999 & 2000

Started teaching high school history

Where I honed my listening and communication skills—essential for my real estate career and leadership!


Earned real estate license

I turned to real estate to help make extra income in my years as a teacher but quickly realized my skills overlapped well, and I loved it.


Left teaching to become a Realtor® full time

Seeing the opportunity for greater growth in my career as a realtor, I decided to leave teaching and give real estate my all.


Got married


Welcomed the birth of my daughter, McKenzie Michiels


Celebrated the birth of my son, Hudson Michiels


Founded real estate team, Real Estate with Heart

After experiencing growth in my own business, I joined forces with my sister, Eliza, to form our first team, built on the principle that real estate is all about taking care of people.


Helped launch KW Philadelphia brokerage



My ex-wife’s and my decision to separate was a huge moment for my personal development. I had just started realizing that I didn’t have the power to make other people happy—only myself. Our decision allowed both of us to take responsibility for our own happiness.


Moved to Compass

I moved to Compass to become Managing Director of their Philadelphia division, leading the region’s agents to bring a more human touch to their work.


Got divorced

My separation and divorce prompted me to reprioritize practicing happiness and conscious co-parenting—to understand how to own my mistakes, set appropriate boundaries, and put my kids at the center of my decisions.


Became National Head of Agent Development at Compass

Putting teaching front and center again, I became Compass’s National Head of Agent Development, where I am creating a curriculum to train agents across the country on how to elevate their strategies and do everything with heart and kindness.