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Keynote Speaking

To keep progressing every day, teams—and people—everywhere need motivation, positive energy, and a fresh perspective. As a speaker, I bring all of that to the table, delivering empowering keynotes to audiences and organizations across the country on…

  • Leadership and team building
  • Leading with kindness
  • Motivation, accountability, and mindset
  • Divorce and conscious co-parenting

Sharing stories from my years building value-driven teams in real estate and navigating the co-parenting of two young kids with my ex-wife, I leave you with hard-earned insights and valuable takeaways to inspire your own accountability and healthy-selfish habits and, ultimately, spark happiness.

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Leadership & Team Training

No matter what industry you’re in or where you’re at on the ladder, every single person can improve their business and leadership skills. The key to making progress is part internal reflection and part nuts and bolts.

I work with business teams and entrepreneurs to help identify your areas of improvement and give you the tools and systems you need to get your business off and running—in a way that makes sense for you and empowers those you work with.

We’ll cover everything from owning your actions and identifying your why, to what mindset, systems, and standards you need to both make money and lead yourself and your teams effectively.

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Real Estate Coaching & Workshops

Most traditional real estate coaching doesn’t work. It’s stuffy, impersonal, and tries to fit you into a mold for the hustle-culture version of success. I don’t do that.

In my experience, finding real success in real estate comes down to defining success on your own terms and by your own values. It’s about community-building, doing the simple things really well, and learning how to maintain a healthy, positive mindset—even when the market (or your life) takes a turn and the going gets tough.

That’s how I approach my coaching and workshops with individuals and teams. Ready to get started?

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