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Real Estate with Heart

A guidebook on building strong, successful, people-focused teams—coming Fall 2022!

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Finding success by your values

Skye Michiels stepped into real estate as a first-year teacher looking to make some extra cash on evenings and weekends. What started as a side hustle turned into a passion—with powerful results. A few years in, he decided to pursue real estate full time.

But he soon realized that there wasn’t much information on how to find growth in the industry, particularly around forming and running a team.

He also encountered a common struggle: It was so easy to get caught up in others’ ideas about achievement, rather than finding success on one’s own terms. 

After launching his own successful team, building businesses from the ground up, and training countless agents on a path forward that prioritized their personal goals, he decided it was time to share what he’d learned.

Enter Real Estate with Heart—a comprehensive guide to building effective teams that align with your values and concept of success, not social media’s. 

With flexible guidelines, firsthand accounts, and invaluable insights that apply to teams of all sizes, Skye provides a custom-built framework to launch your team or take it to the next level—and do it all with heart.

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About the Author

Skye is an award-winning real estate leader, entrepreneur, coach, and motivational speaker in Philadelphia, PA.

As the National Head of Agent Development at Compass, he trains agents across the country to lead their business with kindness and humanity at the center. He is the cofounder and host of the motivation and accountability group The 6AMERS, as well as the host of The 6AMERS Podcast.

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